Kingdom Hoops is a non-profit 501C3 youth organization doing business under the umbrella of Kingdom Cares.  Our organization currently serves roughly 450 athletes from grades K-11th for both boys and girls.


Kingdom Hoops Quick Facts

  • Participants from 59 different school districts throughout Iowa
  • Roughly 40% of our athletes come from the Des Moines public school system
  • Kingdom Hoops strives to be the most diverse youth organization in the state of Iowa

Our desire at Kingdom Hoops is to be recognized as the premiere youth development organization in the state of Iowa rather than a premiere basketball program. We believe that basketball can provide a platform for youth to work on leadership, teamwork, failure, success, commitment, loyalty, goal-setting, and delayed gratification; all of which helps win the most important game, which is the game of life.


At Kingdom Hoops we are going to put your child in situations that will make them feel uncomfortable.  We will put you child in situations where they fail.  We will put your child in situations where they feel unsure and doubts begin to creep in.  Our job is to constantly discover what your child can’t do and help them find ways to address it.  The process may include areas that are basketball specific, while also developing skills like being vocal, standing in the front of the line, showing enthusiasm, or maintaining composure when things are not going one’s way.  As coaches we will praise the victories both as a team and as an individual, but our goal is to help develop your child and that does mean a constant focus on what they can’t do.  We will then guide them from there with a plan on how they will turn a weaknesses into a strengths.


Finally, we will do everything with the end in mind.  If your goal coming to Kingdom Hoops is to win championships or AAU State titles you are in the wrong place.  Because of the culture of the Kingdom Hoops organization, we will win our fair share of championships, but that is NOT our top priority. The goal is for us to watch your son or daughter turn in to the leader at their high school.  Our goal is to watch introverted kids become leaders.  Our goal is to see passionate kids learn how to channel that into positive leadership.  Our goal is to see our young people head off to college as successful adults, not just basketball players.  When you choose Kingdom Hoops you are not choosing trophies and medals for your child’s bedroom,  you are choosing life-long development that will have far greater benefit than a hollow trophy.